Aquatic Invasive Species Survey

From – The spreading of existing aquatic invasive species (AIS), along with new AIS invasions and climate change is expected to have significant negative impact on TU’s efforts to conserve and protect native species across the country.

AIS impacts can be devastating — invasive lake trout and whirling disease have combined to cause a 90 percent decline in Yellowstone Lake’s Yellowstone cutthroat trout population — the world’s largest refuge of native Yellowstone cutts.

TU’s AIS Program Director Dave Kumlien and researchers from Illinois State University have developed an aquatic invasive species survey. The survey will help TU identify priorities and develop AIS policy.

The survey asks a few questions about how AIS have affected your favorite places to fish, and some questions about your fishing habits. No personal information is collected, and your participation is very important. 

Know of a fellow TU member or trout angler who would be interested? Be sure to tell them about the survey.


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