The New River Valley Chapter of Trout Unlimited (NRVTU) works to improve trout fisheries in the New River Valley region of Virginia. This region contains a richness of beautiful streams and fragile ecosystems that has the potential to support sustainable enjoyment for generations to come. The members of NRVTU recognize the fragile balance that exists between the natural wonders of our coldwater resources and those who spend time near them–both during recreation and in day-to-day life. We believe that truly sustainable solutions exist, both economically and environmentally, that may allow humans to foster the trout fisheries in the New River Valley.

Current 2018 leadership:

  • President – Grant Brewer
  • Vice President –
  • Secretary/Webmaster – Angelo Biviano
  • Treasurers –¬†Bill and Kellie Ross
  • Conservation Director – Pete Jackson
  • Outreach Director –
  • Trout In The Classroom Directors – Arnold Graboyles and Lynn Hayes

13 thoughts on “About NRVTU

  1. Live in Christiansburg. Hope to attend your next meeting. I’m planning some trips to South Holston River this year. Never been there. Appreciate any tips. Thanks

    1. Definitely stop by the South Holston River Fly Shop when you head down that way. Rod and the guys there will get you all set up. Several of the NRVTU chapter members fish there regularly and I’m sure they’d be glad to give you advice as well. We hope to see you at the next meeting!

    1. Welcome! We typically meet on the first Wednesday of every month. We are also planning a banquet on April 21 to raise funding for our next restoration project. If you’d like to help the banquet planning committee we’d love to have you!

  2. Noah,

    can you send out a note that we will start fly tying on Sunday, Feb. 19th. I will be in Florida this Sunday but back by Tuesday thus, Feb 19th. 1-4

    Lynn Hayes 599-6500

  3. Im a radford student, i am working on starting a fly fishing club and just some general knowlege on fishing this area, i fish the soho at least once a month but need something i can hit up after class durring the week, when is the next meeting i would like to attend.

    Jordan Laughlin

    1. Jordan, the next meeting will be Wednesday, March 7. We meet at the Montgomery County Government Center in Christiansburg. You’ll see signs when you enter the building. I believe we’ll have one of the anglers at the center of the Jackson River/King’s Grant controversy joining us as a guest speaker.

      1. ok i may not be there because i will be on spring break but i would like to attend the next time i can!

  4. is there anybody i can contact on questions i have on fishing some local streams around here i dont know a lot of places or anything

    1. My best advice is to come to a chapter meeting so you can get to know some of the members. The chapter’s collective knowledge of our local waters is a great resource, especially some of the long-time members. I’m new to the area and still learning the local streams but the other members have been a huge help.

  5. I would appreciate any advice on where my son and I should start our journey into learning to fly fish. We reside in Blacksburg!

    Best regards,
    Bob Lockee

    1. Bob, the first place to check is the local parks and recreation program. Blacksburg, Christiansburg and Montgomery County have all offered classes in the past. The Blacksburg YMCA has also offered classes. Also, you and your son are always welcome to join us at our monthly meetings. This is a great way to meet other fishermen and get involved with the conservation of our local fisheries.

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