Late Spring in the NRV

By all accounts the bass are finally on in a big way and very accessible on the fly on the New. The native streams in Giles have had great dry fly fishing this year as well. A good go-to is a #16 parachute hares ear but other people have good success on larger attractor patterns as well. For bass, try twitching a CK Minnow or other slow sinking baitfish imitation for the hardest strikes or a clawdad or other crayfish imitation if they are being fussy about coming up in the water column.


June Chapter Trip to Rapidan River

The Rapidan River is one of the premier native brook trout streams in the state, it flows off the East side of Shenandoah National Park and through the Rapidan Wildlife Management Area in Madison County, VA.  Several members spent a weekend in early June fishing the Rapidan River while staying at the Rapidan Camps (  Conditions were perfect and lots of fish were caught.  We also took in some local history with a tour of Camp Hoover while we were there.  With the plentiful rains this spring, the conditions should remain favorable well into summer, so head on up to fish it!  Find Bruce or Jason at a chapter meeting if you would like some more info on the trip.  On a bit of a sour note, the locality (Madison County) is working on an ill concieved plan to open up road access from the Wildlife Management Area to Skyline Drive, so stay tuned on that issue.

Slow Fishing on Big Stony

I spent Friday afternoon on Big Stony but didn’t have much luck. I got one nice rainbow on a prince nymph but other than that the fishing was slow. Still nice to be out there though. Ryan Coe also sent in the report below from his last trip.


Like a number of anglers, I took advantage of the warmer weather this week to get in some fishing.  I fished Big Stony on Wednesday afternoon, with air temperatures in the 50s for the 2nd consecutive day.  Any weekday afternoon spent out of the office and on the water is a delight, but the fishing was rather slow.  Maybe the fish had already satisfied themselves the day before.  Fortunately for me, a couple of Browns and this small Rainbow were willing to give a red copper john some action.

-Ryan Coe


Mossy Creek Report

I was craving some streamer action so I took a trip up to Mossy Creek after a big rain last week. I missed the big fish of the day (of course) but got a good look at him, and still managed to net a few nice little browns. Mossy got the best of me this time, but I spotted several large fish so I’ll definitely be back again soon to settle the score. Be sure to stop in at Mossy Creek Fly Fishing and pick up some Kreelex and local knowledge from the guys there.    -NS