NRVTU Response to Mountain Valley Pipeline Proposal

NRVTU Members,

As discussed at our most recent meeting we will be submitting comments and suggestions to the potential developers of this pipeline. I don’t believe that many of us think this pipeline is a good idea, however if it is going to come through, we at least want them to minimize impact to our streams, mountains, and public lands. It is our hope that the comments we develop will be incorporated into the federal permitting and development requirements as part of the NEPA process. Below is a link to their website where you can review the proposed route, currently this crosses Big Stony, Little Stony, Mill Creek (Montgomery County), NF Roanoke River, among others. I would like to ask that you all take a few minutes to review this proposal and submit ideas/comments back to for incorporation into our letter. Please try to have these comments back to us as soon as possible, hopefully that will allow us to have a draft by our next meeting date of December 3.

We are also in the process of reaching out to TU National, the Virginia Council, and our neighboring chapters to make sure our responses are coordinated.

If you have any questions please don’t hesitate to ask and in the meantime if you have any additional information on this, please pass it on.


Jason Williams
NRVTU President


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